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January 2019 screening for Fausti_Films

January is shaping up to be an exciting month for us at Fausti Films. We have films showing at HorrorOnSea in Southend, Essex.UK. 🇬🇧 This is one of our favourite horror festivals and we are delighted to return once again with our new short ‘Dead Celebrities’. Catch our screening at 8pm on Friday 11th January.We’ll be in attendance, so come and say hello and grab one of our new Fausti stickers!

Later in the month, ‘’Dead Celebrities’ also showing at The South Texas Underground Film Festival, USA 🇺🇸 on 25th January 2019 and we are delighted to be returning to this festival… unfortunately we can’t be at that screening, but feedback is always welcome!

Enjoy our screenings! … and check back here for news of our February screenings!

From all @Fausti_Films


News of our Screenings at Horror-On-Sea and South Texas Underground Film Festival

January is an exciting month for us at Fausti Films. We have films showing at HorrorOnSea in Southend, Essex.UK. 🇬🇧 This is one of our favourite horror festivals and we are delighted to return once again with two offerings, ‘The Ingress Tapes’ and the trailer for the upcoming ‘Dead Celebrities’.

We’ll be in attendance, so come and say hello and maybe be luck enough to pick up one of our new Fausti stickers!

‘The Ingress Tapes’ is also showing at The South Texas Underground Film Festival, USA 🇺🇸 Watch out for our next blog posts for news of our finished edit of ‘Dead Celebrities’ and the filming of our new feature ‘Exit’.

An Update from Fausti_Films

September will be an exciting month for us at Fausti Films. We have screenings of three, yes *three* Fausti films projects in the month. 

Firstly, on the opening night of The Genreblast Film Festival, Virginia, USA on Thursday 7th September you can see ‘The Pyramid’ supporting the World Premier of British comedy Horror ‘Guardians’ by Mark Brown. 

The Fausti Films crew are also honoured to have been invited to the cast and crew screening of ‘Guardians’ in London, so can’t wait for this preview! -no spoilers from us though!! 

Next, on Friday 8th September, again at the awesome Genreblast, you can catch ‘The Ingress Tapes’ in the Bizarrolands cinema block! We are truly honoured to have two films selected for this great US festival. 

Later in the month at The Shock Horror Film Festival in Leicester, UK, you can catch footage from Dead Celebrities on Friday 29th September …. can’t say much about that now though! 


From the Fausti Films crew. 

Exciting News Regarding Dead Celebrities

Great news!

At Fausti_Films we have had a blast filming the last few celebrity deaths…. and framing narrative for ‘Dead Celebrities’. We are now editing the film and it’s already shaping up to be one of the favourites of the Fausti_Films crew.

The Fausti_Films crew in action!

A new poster has been produced to promote the film, and, whilst we edit, a trailer is being submitted to festivals to highlight that this new Fausti_films production is nearly ready. Watch out for this when you’re next supporting Indie film at your local film festival!


Don’t forget to check back here for information, or head to for more information. 

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Successful shoot! 

So, Fausti_films had a busy weekend with filming the framing narrative for the upcoming ‘Dead Celebrities’

This shoot was particularly challenging as it saw all 4 crew having to shoot in the smallest room in the house!

Still, we got great footage! Watch this space as we edit it together! 

Busy time for Fausti_Films!!

So it’s been an amazingly busy time for Fausti_Films. This week saw the completion of the 4th Film from Michael Fausti; The Ingress Tapes.

Filmed entirely on Super8, this experimental horror is set to captivate audiences. 

This is now being submitted to Film festivals alongside The Pyramid which is still on the circuit. 

On top of that, we travelled to Kent for filming for the new film, ‘Dead Celebrities’ which meant an early start and late finish! Still the footage is looking amazing and we resume filming in a couple of weeks for the final few scenes.

All in all, an exciting time! 

Watch this space!  

New poster revealed! 

Great news!!

Fausti_Films are thrilled to reveal the new poster for the new experimental short film ‘The Ingress Tapes’  …but, what are you listening to? Fantasy? Confession? Evidence… catch it at a film festival and decide for yourself! 😁

‘The Pyramid’ at MAC Horror Film Festival 2017

At Fausti_Films we are thrilled to announce that ‘The Pyramid’ will be showing at this year’s MAC Horror Film Festival in Brazil. 
The team were proud to win the audience vote for best short film with ‘ZAF’ in 2016 and are delighted that ‘The Pyramid’ was selected for this year’s festival. 

Good luck to the organisers and all those showcasing their work. 

Fausti_Films @ Horror-OnSea – Weekend 2.

After the first fabulous weekend at Horror-On-Sea, the Fausti_Films team set off on Saturday 28th January, for the second weekend of the festival. A smaller event than the previous weekend, the screenings were held in the ’boutique’ screening room, at the Park Inn Hotel. This was a change from the normal venue of the TAP.

Proceedings began in ernest with a selection of short films that were free to all. My personal favourite of these were Thanatopraxy from Spain which they told the story of two women and an autopsy gone wrong.
This was followed by Jason Wilcox’s Dead Perfect. This film had hypnotic properties and features a lot of kettles boiling in seemingly real time!

At 2.30 pm came one of the highlights of the festival, ‘Circus of the Dead’, with a brilliantly intense performance by Bill Oberst Jr. and a set of homicidal clowns … Pure horror magic!!

After this came ‘The Barn’ a homage to 80s horror. Set on Halloween, the protagonists have to follow a set of trick or treat rules to protect themselves and save the town. Great fun stuff!!  

‘First Bite’ was the second film of the festival from Eileen Daly. Following the ghost hunting team on a trip to Northampton to meet an elusive count. Some laugh out loud moments in this comedy horror, made it a firm audience favourite. 

The final film of the evening was ‘Be my Cat: A Film for Anne’. This follows an obsessive director as he ‘convinces’ his actresses to create the perfect performance in order to convince Anne Hathaway to star in his film. Disturbing and gritty.

Day two saw the return of the free shorts. There were some really great shorts here. ‘Ikal’ was another great short from Spain, telling the story of a coven of witches. Followed by the atmospheric ‘Visor’ from Iran and the fab looking ‘B is for Bath’. 

After the shorts was ‘Consumption’, a tale of friends battling evil in the Utah mountains. Then came ‘Video Killer’ where a haunted video tape forces a victim to seek out other victims for help… Or can they?!?! 

Finally -for Fausti_Films anyway… Came ‘Creeper’ -A sleazy serial killer movie in the vein of William Lustig’s Maniac.

Well, sadly that’s all from Horror-On-Sea this year… just one question remains… Same time next year?! 

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