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August 2016

Making Something Out of Nothing

Like all independent film makers, one of the challenges for Fausti_Films is how to create an authentic feel to their films whilst keeping the budget low enough to be viable. 

This can be a challenge when the content of Fausti_Films range from war-time zombie thrillers, gangland murders and corrupt cops. 

Costumes and props can be sources from a variety of places, antique markets, flea markets in Europe or even humble old e-bay! Michael Fausti joked ” No one at Fausti_Films is ever off duty, whatever the current project is, everyone is primed to spot the perfect prop… And our haggling skills are second to none!”

The same applies to finding the ideal location, “you never know where inspiration strikes, always carry your camera…. And be prepared to pursuance the owner to let you film” jokes Michael. Well, it must pay off because permission for the filming locations for Z.A.F. we’re freely given and included a WW2 air field and a disused science facility!  

The next projects involve Mountains and bathrooms…. So if you have one spare…. Don’t be shy to volunteer it!! 

Fausti_Films at Genreblast 2016

Following on from the successful  screening of Z.A.F. At Mexico’s Post Mortem film festival, Fausti_films were delighted to be part of the official selection for the New Genreblast Film Festival held in Culpepper, Virginia, USA.  

The brain child of film buff and all round nice guy, Nathan Ludwig, Genreblast is a brand new film festival held at the state-of-the-art State Theatre in downtown Culpeper, Virginia. The venue being an awesome art-deco building packed full of all mod-cons! ​

Aiming to celebrate the finest true genre cinema; films were selected from international film makers and writers leading to an eclectic mix of features, shorts, music videos and screenplays from  the horror, action/adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, martial arts, exploitation, grindhouse, international, experimental styles! Truly a festival for filmmakers, by filmmakers.  

Z.A.F. screened on Saturday night alongside The Zombie flick Peelers which is receiving a lot of attention on the film festival circuit! Such a fantastic film to share the screen with! 

As well as the main film festival, there was an award ceremony for film makers and actors and we are pleased to announce that Michael Fausti was nominated for ‘Best Actor in a short Film’ -It was an honour to be nominated!

On top of all the awesome films, Genreblast also did a great job on providing some top quality mechanise for guests to purchase! Check out the t-shirts!! 

All in all, great job Genreblast! Looking forward to Genreblast 2017 

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