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January 2017

Forthcoming Productions From @Fausti_Films

Whilst we promote the zombie short ‘ZAF’ and London crime thriller ‘The Pyramid’ we haven’t stopped working here at Fausti_Films as we bring you the best in contemporary horror and thriller films.

We have many new projects in development.

First is ‘Steinadler’,  shot on location in Austria which tells the sort of a man’s journey down a mountain as he contemplates murder…

Steinadler is in post production and editing and should be ready for release soon.

Next on the agenda is ‘Dead Celebrities’. Footage is still being shot for this short; but it’s shaping up to be an interesting project as it’s shot almost entirely in a bathroom!!

Finally, additional footage has been shot for ‘The Ingress Tapes’, an experimental horror shot entirely on Super 8, which eaves drops on a killer’s interview whilst he confesses to his crimes.

This is shaping up to be a creepy favourite amongst the Fausti_Films crew. Watch out for this at a Film festival near you soon.

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Fausti_Films @Horror-on-Sea -Weekend One

It’s January 20th 2017, and that can only mean one thing…. set off to Southend-on-Sea for the annual ‘Horror-on-Sea’ film festival.

Unfortunately, due to  work commitments and illness some of the team missed the first day (😢). Despite this, those team members in attendance really enjoyed the first day.

Day One had an amazing line up of the best of contemporary, new horror from around the world. Beginning with Ebola Zombies… with a title like that, who’d want to miss it!! This film was preceeded by some excellent short films, the touching Robot animation ‘GoldenShot’ and the highly entertaining ‘Mother’-certainly one of the highlights of the shorts (alongside ‘The Pyramid’ of course!)

Due to a last minute technical issue ‘Chimeres’ was replaced by ‘The Millenium Bug’ which was great fun and highly entertaining. By far the highlight of day one was ‘Savageland’ a ‘mockumentary’ about strange goings-on in a border town. The cinematography and impeccable acting makes this a must see film if you get the chance.

Whilst all the films were highly enjoyable, the other noticeable highlights from day one were the two shorts ‘Judas’ and the Zombie short ‘A Father’s Day’ … fab stuff!

Day 2 began with the fascinating ‘Hell state’- the story of a real life possession, followed by ‘Exorcist: The Fallen’. Next came the highly funny shorts by Molly Brown with some entertaining and hilarious takes on dieting fads and the safe way to eat Japanese food!! This was followed by Eileen Daly’s ‘Hollywood Betrayed’ which was a hilarious exploration of ghost hunting in middle England.

Of course, the highlight for Fausti_Films (now recovered and all re-united at the festival) was ‘The Pyramid’. Screened to a packed audience at 5.30 before Jonathan Straiton’s entertaining  ‘Night Of Something Strange’. The Pyramid received excellent feedback from the audience -thanks to all those who came to support us.

The final film of day 2 brought down the house with the hilarious ‘Killer Rack’ some of us waited a year for this and it didn’t disappoint!

Day three continued the horror highlights with some more from Molly Brown in collaboration with Cy Henty. The following feature ‘Ex from Hell’ featured a witty script and some great acting.
The undisputed Fausti_Films favourite of the day was ‘Slayers’ which had some genuine belly laughs and some excellent performances by the leads.  Unfortunately, the team had to leave after ‘Nazi Vengeance’… but don’t worry… the fun is back next week as the festival continues…. stay posted for more updates!

Fausti_Films @HorrorOnSea

So… less than a week to go until the Horror-On-Sea film festival starts in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

As regular attendees to this festival we are delighted that ‘The Pyramid’ will be showing alongside Jonathan Straiton’s ‘Night Of Something Strange’.

The horror on sea festival brings the best of new horror to a genre loving audience and is one of the friendliest festivals you can hope to attend. If you are free, pop along to catch The Pyramid at 5.30 on Saturday, or better still, buy yourself a day or weekend pass. Details available at

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