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March 2017

Successful shoot! 

So, Fausti_films had a busy weekend with filming the framing narrative for the upcoming ‘Dead Celebrities’

This shoot was particularly challenging as it saw all 4 crew having to shoot in the smallest room in the house!

Still, we got great footage! Watch this space as we edit it together! 

Busy time for Fausti_Films!!

So it’s been an amazingly busy time for Fausti_Films. This week saw the completion of the 4th Film from Michael Fausti; The Ingress Tapes.

Filmed entirely on Super8, this experimental horror is set to captivate audiences. 

This is now being submitted to Film festivals alongside The Pyramid which is still on the circuit. 

On top of that, we travelled to Kent for filming for the new film, ‘Dead Celebrities’ which meant an early start and late finish! Still the footage is looking amazing and we resume filming in a couple of weeks for the final few scenes.

All in all, an exciting time! 

Watch this space!  

New poster revealed! 

Great news!!

Fausti_Films are thrilled to reveal the new poster for the new experimental short film ‘The Ingress Tapes’  …but, what are you listening to? Fantasy? Confession? Evidence… catch it at a film festival and decide for yourself! 😁

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