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So, there have been lots of exciting developments since we last posted here. Firstly, we’d like to welcome Mike Wilson to the Fausti Films team. 

Mike was with us when we shot the new film, ‘The Pyramid’ which is currently in post production. It was filmed over two extremely cold March evenings in East London. Written and starring Mathew Bayliss, it tells the story of a murder clean up and double cross. The piece is directed and edited by Michael Fausti who also stars in the short film.

  The team also had a flying visit to Porto in Portugal when Mathew married Ana. All on the team wish them a happy life together. 

Now… Back to editing! To keep up to date follow us on Twitter @fausti_films

Zombie -Noir

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To keep you going… Here are a few teaser pics!

Keep watching for more news! 😀
Zombie Lou 

Titles  Trouble on the stairs! 


New one sheet revealed!

Fausti Films are delighted to reveal our one sheet for ZAF! Can you afford to miss it?


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