On a bleak English Air Force base, Wing Commander Olson is a man seeking to escape the recurring nightmares of a violent military past. Olson’s sanity and perceptions are soon to be tested when he is the sole witness to the apparent suicide of a young Corporal named Turner. Before Turner pulls the trigger on his service weapon he addresses Olson with the cryptic words, “A moment of clarity.” The Commander’s past glories and military training cannot prevent him from being dragged into deadly conspiracy.

 Suffering from insomnia and an increasing sense of paranoia, Olson is ordered to see the Airbase’s Medical Officer. However, the Wing Commander instead finds himself greeted by a mysterious civilian Doctor, named Gottlieb. Forced to accept treatment from the Doctor, Olson is unaware that he is in fact to become the subject of a clandestine medical trial overseen by a shadowy figure known only as “Helms”. As a fatal chain of events unfolds, Commander Olson finds himself descending into a world of violence and psychosis, culminating in a bloody and disturbing conclusion.

 Z.A.F. is the debut film from writer and director Michael Fausti. It is a back to basics short film that was shot over four days and using only a consumer grade camcorder. This horror-noir conspiracy thriller is set to become a Lo-Fi classic.